Monday, September 6, 2010

To Seek, To Find, and Not to Yield...especially when shes DTF

Dear Fellow Brethren,

I sit infront of my window on this wet Monday afternoon, reluctant to step out side without my white stead for the first time since I have moved away from the grey beach. I must go to the market today and gather food and supplies for the journey that begins tomorrow. I am to attend the College of Langara and will be studying the various arts of language, thought, and culture. Although I shall be hard at work brainwashing myself to think like the rest of the world, My main focus will still be on finding and categorizing the various female acquaintances types as they come.
The DTF types Brother Paul and I have recently discovered:

MLTF- Most likely To Fuck
NALPTF- Needs a Little Push to Fuck
NRTF- Needs Roofies to Fuck
NARTF- Needs a Relationship To Fuck
NFTF- Needs a Friendship to Fuck
NSEATF- Needs Self Esteem Approval To Fuck.
WNF- Will Never Fuck
WAFA- Will Always Fuck Anyone
WOBYFTFWD- Will Only Be Your Friend Then Fuck When Drunk.

Please add to the list as you come across new kinds.

All The Best,
Brother Moe

Brotherly Challenge #1:
WHO WILL BE THE ONE TO DE-VIRGINIZE THE TRAVELLING PANTS? * get laid with them, not jack off with them on.


  1. I thouroughly enjoyed the acronyms brother I have a few to add:

    WFFG- Will fuck for gifts
    OFHD-only fucks hockey douches

    -Brother Mitch

    ps: I never fuck, I only make love.

  2. I know who OFHD would be.
    Why don't we add
    DTFOBD- Down to fuck only black dick.
    DFO-Down for oral.
    DFDP-Down for DP- Double Penetration
    or my personal favorite
    DTHH- Down to hold hands

    Also I never fuck either.. I just make babies. :D

  3. you guys!! this is obscene you are demoralizing girls to a whole new level.. In my opinion girls only have this in mind..

    DTFIL- Down to fall in love
    DTHSAM-Down to have sex after marriage
    DTDTL- Down to do the laundry

    and this being my personal favorite

    DTT- Down to talk

  4. btw naresh is the only one of us that would fit into those pants. they are a 28inch waist.