Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dear Brothers,
This is Naresh reporting in. Today is the day I depart for Victoria. I am looking forward to the most wonderful of ferry rides starting from the Mainland of Vancouver which drifts along a beautiful region of the pacific ocean, with it's murky black waters all the way to the capital and heart of BC. Oh how I look forward to this ferry ride, sometimes when I poke my head out to see the monstrous ocean I can see the most spectacular of sights those of which include driftwood, and seaweed. Personally I'm quite excited for long waits in docking and arrival periods. If you plan it out carefully you can actually be outta of the ferry in a mere 15 minutes!!!! I will keep you posted in the coming day's also let me know if you think I should make this blog private brothers.


  1. There's no reason to keep a great brotherhood private, is there?

  2. If we start posting messed up stuff it should be private, or if we want to make fun of people.

  3. I agree, but for now we the brotherhood will prevail and showcase our manliness.