Wednesday, September 14, 2011

One chapter ends, while another begins.

Dear Brothers,

For the past several months, whether you have been aware of it or not, has been what experts describe as the "summer time". And what a glorious time it was. The heat of the sun came beating down like the heat of the sun. The air so crisp and tasted of alcohol. The sounds of laughter echoed across the land and landed in peoples ears... Alright enough of this shit. But seriously, this summer was decent to say the least. I'll admit I spent more time working for money this summer than I did partying and having fun, but when I did I enjoyed every minute of it. I got work doing landscaping locally which was a typical nine to five/ Monday to Friday type of job allowing me to have the weekend off. Not only that but my boss was a pretty cool guy and always gave me time off if I needed it. I took up hiking on the weekends and tried to at least go out to a bar or somebody's house to live it up. Did some amazing hikes to The Chief in Squamish, Mout Strachan or more commonly known as the top of Cypress Mountain, and my favorite hike was to Garibaldi Lake in the Garibaldi Provincial Park just outside of Whistler. It's so satisfying to bust your ass to the top of a mountain and witness an incredible view with nothing but your legs, will-power and some good friends to come along for the trip. I also went on an adventure (also known as an airplane) to Ontario to visit my relatives and attend my cousin's wedding. I was only gone for nine days but it was an awesome trip. I basically got there the day before the wedding visited with family that I hadn't seen for years and just relaxed. The wedding day was great too, not sure if any of you have been to a wedding but if there is an open bar and a dance floor I am perfectly satisfied. The following day I woke up bright and early and headed over to Canada's Wonderland with my cousins. To my surprise the rides and roller coasters were not only fun but they had no effect on my hangover. By noon I had forgotten that I was wasted the night before. I spent most of the rest of the week relaxing by the lake, fishing and swimming. Before I returned home my cousin found out about a place to bungee jump just outside of Ontario in a small town called Wakefield, Quebec. Until we arrived I was unaware that it was and is the tallest bungee jumping centre in North America. The platform was a giant crane posted on top of an old quarry which dropped down 200 feet until the water which was 150 feet deep. Believe me, it is far more frightening than skydiving. There's something about freefalling really close to the ground that is a lot scarier than being really high up. After returning home I went back to work for a week and went to a few going-away parties which were lots-o-fun. Now here I am, back at school writing about how fun the past few months have been. I'm hoping this semester will be a fun one, so please everyone keep in contact and let's hang out and party when we can.

Lots-O-Love from Brother Jason.