Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fuck Banana Pancakes, Fuck Jack Johnson And Fuck Jack Johnson's song "Banana Pancakes"

Happy New Year Bros,

I just ate a large pizza and drank some granville island winter ale , now I will write you the tender passages of my soul. I can't remember things chronologically so I will tell them by event.

Meat Fest- Two of my good friends enjoy hunting, then they have a ton of meat they need to eat. We had a dinner to void some of this meat, we called it a meat fest. My other friend who is red seal certified did all the cooking of the meat, which was enough to serve probably 14 people though we were only 5. We made Bear sausage pizzas, antelope burgers, moose roast, and venison chops. Then after I went and got a couple tubs of ice cream, we ate that too.

Downtown gathering in an appartment(not a party)- Brothers Naresh, Jake, Carson, Yazad and Moe attended this gathering as well at a mutual friends place, I remember people being pretty stiff then I got severely hammered danced by myself to some Justin Timberlake(two of the brothers have this on video I believe) and had some conversations where I remember the people but I dont know what we talked about. Then Brothers Carson, Naresh and me took a drunk bus ride to my place.

Pizza and Beer-Tonight I am drinking pizza and eating some beer.

These are the big events in my life lately,

also I turned 21 about a week ago.

Cheers Brothers.


  1. i honestly never believed you had any black in you until that night.

  2. Happy late Birthday Wish Brother Mitch. My mouth is watering just thinking about bear sausage. Yum.

  3. doesn't banana have one n? are you dyslexic?

  4. Next meat fest. I want in. Happy birthday.