Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Baddest Mother Fucker who actually lives.

john lennon + kimbo slice + samuel l jackson x GQ

he just made obama look like bush.

chuck norris is his bitch.

he spars with the hulk.

if only they made him in street fighter.

the world just got safer.
the world is going to end.

thats steel wool growing from his face.

the veins on his arms rolled up his sleeves.

his beard is the only real shelter from a nuclear attack.

he carries extra mean looks in his breast pockets.

khaki pants with cargo pockets sales just went up.

khaki pants with cargo pockets just became the rarest commodity on the planet... no wait.. they are extinct.

his black shoes undressed themselves as he put is foot in.

the black on his shoes ran away, scared shitless.

his shadow can take GSP ...in the dark.

those dudes in the back, want be him.

i want to be him.


  1. I've see this picture before, where is this guy from??

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  3. Zeus's wife had an affair with James Brown.