Monday, December 13, 2010


I am staying in a democratic country right now, it's name is Ghana.

I used the term democracy lightly because, I know now, that it is a ri-fucking-diculous overstatement. At least in this country, probably many others.

This country is poor, though rich in natural resources( Which by the way according to the textbook, have been "...given to us by god so we may prosper.") Primarily the god given resources that attract expats from around the world are gold and oil.

Ghana as a whole does not see the money from this, the government does, and they should give back. Ghana's roads are in shit shape. Their "Government Hospitals" are the saddest motherfuckers I've ever seen. I would know I recently spent two nights in one.
The government should, give the money back. Will it, I don't fucking think so.

I was talking to a taxi driver as we drove from the town I stay in to the bigger one with the bank. I had purposely asked his opinion on the government and asked if I could write down what he said, he talked slowly so everything worked fine.
This is what he had to tell me. He swore lots, it was good to hear.

"This Politically men are no good for Ghana. They are shit for this country. My shit country, is poor. Because our president is bull shit and greedy. I donnot want to drive my shit car on his shit roads, he has all our money from gold and oil and he keeps it and gives to his friends, he is shit. His shit house, has 20 shit cars."

"So, this really isn't much of a democracy then." I stated.

"No this is shit! It is democrazy!"

Summing up what my driver said, what I have witnessed and been a part of. I would have to agree with him. The only real democratic part of this country is the fact that they still vote. But they have to vote from one dictator to another. This country votes for greedy men to fuck them over.

Ghana may be great, but from their point of view, and especially in regards to politics, "[It] is shit! It is democrazy!"

Brother Paul
Ghana Correspondent.


  1. Informative post, thanks brother Paul.

  2. Actually Paul, I've heard Ghana is the most amazing place in the world.