Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ahoy Brothers.

Well my life is pretty bleak at the moment, unemployed and the friend who promised me that he'd move into Vancouver with me bailed. So right now looking for places with random people and trying to find work, but it's a fucked up catch 22, places won't hire me because I live too far away and would have no way home at night time and people don't want to recruit an unemployed room-mate, wat do /b/?

Anyway had a few fun weekends, went up to Whistler with some bros, snow time winter wonderland, got completely black out drunk on the Friday I have a few vague memories of some angry men pushing me around because I was lifting up and humping one of their women, I couldn't defend myself because I could barely stand. Bastards. I also remember being in the parking lot talking to a Police woman with my swimming shorts hiked up under my jacket so I looked nude, she accused me of being some sort of pervert. After supplying her with 100% fake information I got away with no form of ticket.

Next day was spent alternating between chilling in the hot tub and lying in the snow, such a damn good feeling, did that for like 5 hours straight. Then the heavy drinking started, I choked my friend so hard his nose bled, 2 people passed out before 9pm and then we went out clubbing. I avoided line by recognizing a promoter, then when she ushered me into the place where I pay cover I just waited for her to leave, left the cover area and just walked in the re-entrance, told the bouncer I know the owner and he just slapped me a stamp, good way to save $15 IMO. Had a ton of fun just dancing up a storm, saw some nervous chode so my friend and I lifted him up into an impromptu crowd surf, made out with a few random girls without getting their names, for the lulz. Basically just tore it up like a drunken hurricane and headed back for more hot tub and beer times, fell asleep on some wooden platform, damaged my knee as a result.

Victoria weekend was absolutely epic. Brother Ryland and I departed the mainland to be rejoined with Brother Naresh. I also discovered a gem of a drink, Sobieski vodka - same price as Smirnoff, better tasting than Grey Goose, I drank that shit straight all weekend. Nothing really went down Friday except for some bromenship, drinking and Naresh's roommate Ian and I went to a dead pub, hit on (read: completely invade the personal space of) some Japanese girls and then broke some shit on the walk home, classic.

Next day was spent hanging out, eating all you can eat chinese food (4 plates of meat), cooking Butternut squash and watching TUF finale, my boy Brookins won, he was my pick, good shit. Drinking was commenced and the fun began, on the way to downtown definitely invaded some personal space of many people, licked some random chodes face at the bus stop and he just didn't know what to do, freaked out to the max. Me and Scott walked towards traffic in a way that looked like we were going to get hit to just freak everyone the fuck out, classic game. Club was fun, lots of chodes, learned some funny lessons. If a guy is dancing with a girl that doesn't mean shit, countless times I just went up and grabbed a girl from a guy and started dancing with her without any form of opposition, also I think I need to slow down it down, I get too fucking ADD and just run around grabbing everyone, licking faces, making out and lifting people up. It probably looks like I'm on some form of amphetimine, I'm surprised I didn't get kicked out. Another thing is if some dude tries to talk to a girl you're currently engaging, just shove him away, no need for pointless banter and out-witting, a simple physical shove is all you need.

After the club I somehow uprooted a concrete drinking fountain from the sidewalk to the disbelief of some gawking onlookers, more destruction, ran through someone's fence etc.
Epic farewells and a good ferry ride home with Brother Ryland (aka sleepy, kid fell asleep like 10 times this trip).

Other than that I've only been listening to the Dubstep Artist Excision (coming to Vancouver Jan 20th, highly recommended) and was really happy with the results of K1's world grand prix, which was 10x more exciting than any UFC event. Also UFC 124 was pretty decent, Thiago Alves's standup is insane now, props to GSP for the jabfest.

Cheers brother, a meet up is necessary and imminent.


  1. I wish there were more girls I could relentlessly harass with my body. I'm the one who's a pussy, I mean it's just a retro virus...right?

  2. For the job/apartment thing you have to get a job in white rock/south surrey then save money, get a place downtown, but still live at home at first then get a downtown job.

    or just make a fake address for your resume and say for ease you just use your parents address for mail