Friday, December 17, 2010

Foot Passenger Exit

My Brothers,

Today was a good day. My finals are done. I'm on my way home for debauchery with the insane monkey clan, and I get to be with my family, friends and the most important thing in the dog Flash (The Supreme being). Paul it's upsetting that you won't be here for the break but we'll make up for it in the near future. I'll probably see most of you tomorrow, but I'll be away in whistler for a couple days hoping to get some shredding in. On the 20th steve aoki is doing a show up at garfinkles also at whistler, pretty excited about that, gonna be a fucking crazy night with so many Australians(A very sweaty night as well ;)).

The other day I was doing some thinking and realized that this entire hipster fad is pretty pathetic. Then I saw a meme about hipsters that went something along the lines of "It Cost So Much, To Look This poor" and chuckled. Anyways enough of that, I have some important words. We are all over the age of 20 now, that means that in a couple of years we're really gonna have to settle down and start forming our lives for the future. I dread this day. So stop being so god damn boring. Do everything that is our of the norm, fuck with your life, but not to the extent where you fuck with your future. Some of your greatest memories will come in the next years. If we all live up to the norm of everything and follow it's trend what memories are you creating. For Example. "Yah I had diner with my girlfriend it was fantastic" That's fucking boring. But honestly, what have you done this year that was so out of the blue, so extraordinary I know some of you have stories that'll probably break the internet and I do as well. It's definitely brotherhood appropriate but not to the public that read this so I'll share when we are all together. What I'm trying to get at here, is for all of you to live your 20's to the fullest and stop being chodes and boring, you can do that in you're 30's. That's really it, I could keep rambling, but I don't want to sound as if I'm telling you what to do with you life because you all have your own jist of the way the world works and no one has to be philosopher to tell you this crap.

Now for a few words on my mind.

Oliver, sparring is a must. Mitch don't forget to pick me up from the ferry at 8:30. Carson I'm thankful I never have to drive you to the gym anymore. Moe, emma watson looks like a boy with short hair. Yazad, sauna?. Ryland don't forget to call me when your up on the mountain. Humza I don't know you but let's meet over the break. Kevin leave a post.Nick anymore Milf hookups and restraining orders? Paul how's the dragon? Navin leave a post. Jason, hope that broken hand is better. Brandon stop playing wow. Jake Freinds>Lisa.

I realize this post probably made me sound like a dick.

But in the end I love each and everyone of you to death.

My Parting Words: Always Wear a god damn rubber. No matter how good it might feel naked. The scare is not worth it. And Babies are gross.


  1. Condoms are over rated, I would know I'm in Africa.

  2. If everyone has AIDS the problem will be solved.

  3. Naresh, babies are a nutritious food source.

  4. All I want is to have a girlfriend to go to dinner and movies with. That's exactly how I want to spend my 20s.