Saturday, December 4, 2010

month recap

(I originally started writing this monday but was in too much pain to finish, hence the choppy style)


As I sit here now I am high on painkillers for my infected jaw. Basically my wisdom teeth are coming in, because I am less evolved(being a negro hybrid) I have room for these in my mouth and they do not require removal, the other day though they got infected and I am now on codeine and antibiotics.

Lets start with three weekends ago: Friday I got invited to the red room by a friend of mine, I normally hate clubbing but I have been so bored lately that I agreed to go. I drank lots and danced a ton. The best thing in the world to do in the club when you're with girls is: when you're dancing with them leave a little space in between you and the girl, then when another guy starts making his move to dance with the girl(s) you're dancing with get real close and do ridiculous dance moves, then laugh while you watch him walk back to the sidelines. This night, we took the night bus from Vancouver to surrey. All I will say is never ever take this bus.

The next weekend on friday a friend of mine invited a few people over to watch some movies I agreed to had a UFC watching event at his house. I don't really enjoy the UFC but I do enjoy parties, I basically got blackout drunk and played with his pit-bull most of the night.(there is no hidden meaning here)

The following weekend I went to this girls birthday at a club called Fabric in gastown. Do not go to this club unless you have an asian fetish and like getting kicked in the balls by bouncers. basically we take a party bus downtown see this club with a big line up that we had cover waived for then when we got in the club was at half capacity, drinks were super expensive and everyone other than the crew I went with were asian. Towards the end of the night a buddy of mine was drunk and sitting at a table when the bouncers grabbed him and threw him out for no real reason, one of them even kneed him in the balls, he wasn't even resisting. I was super hammered and did a lot of things I wouldn't sober but I like makin some memories and war stories.

The next week is when my wisdom tooth infection flared up, I eventually got them pulled top avoid more infections and am already back to my usual antics this week. I hope to see some of your handsome faces over winter break.

My advice to you: every woman that ever sleeps with you is trying to eventually snare you into impregnating them, this is why you should always cum during foreplay.


Brother Mitch

Ps: post some shit up, even if your life is worthless.


  1. Nona dem bitches eva gon snare me! I gotta fool proof abnormality!

  2. Nona dem bitches eva gon snare me! I gotta fool proof abnormality!