Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gentle Reminder:

We are all tiny pieces in an entirely pointless and unimaginably complex game in which God experiences itself through endless subjective perspectives. This life as you know it is a mere blink on the infinite time loop of the universe, linear time and your own existence are mere illusions.

Monday, March 14, 2011

These are my twisted words.

From Spiritual Moe, "I want a good heart" Carson, Minivan Oliver, Cynical Mitch, Lisa's Boyfriend, I have nothing on jason, to Anorexic Paul (And the rest of you)

Life has been quite tedious the last couple of months. I've been super busy with school as per usual, and I've decided to live in Victoria for the summer. It goes without saying that I expect to see each and every one of you as many times as humanly possible. Very Homo. Nothing much has changed from the last time we all met face to face. I've been doing everything that's part of my daily routine which includes using steroids 6 times a day, helping the elderly cross the street, Crying at my bedside while listening to Vanessa Carlton's "walk a thousand miles" (for those of you who haven't heard this godsend song... .....that's the link; Make sure you have a box of tissue on hand, tears will definitely be streaming down your face, Eating all the meat that vegetarians like Lisa's boyfriend forgets to eat, ridding the world of dirty hipsters like Mark Edwards and doing homework.

Now daily routine aside, I've actually had a lot of fun. Been hanging with friends whenever I can fit them in my schedule, which to say the least occurs in abrupt patterns. Done my fair share of clubbing which is awesome because I pay for the whole cab there and back everytime, even when it's full!! Except this one time where gaby paid for the entire cab (what a Bitch), and it ruined my night. I really need to find a job soon though or else I won't be able to pay for peoples cab rides home, oh and my rent.

Can't wait to hear the stories from you guys about st.patricks day this thursday. As for me I plan on going to a bar till midnight then seeing Chris Lake a DJ around midnight or so..... But I'll let y'all know what happens.

I love you all from the deepest regions of my heart, and my cock. Mainly my cock though.

Brother Naresh.

I Can't believe I spent 8 bucks to get into a country bar


The Bourbon is a country bar, do not go there assuming otherwise. You will lose some self respect.

Since the blog has died down due to noone wanting to hear about me procrastinating studying and dealing with women looking for local blacktion, carson asking us to make a cult, naresh abusing roids, paul contracting getting worms from going ass to mouth with african girls, Lisa's boyfriend dating Lisa, Moumin getting his heart broken by girls he has never even spoken to and Oliver doing his squats...Wait, I would love to hear about these things.

I love all of you,

Brother Mitch

Saturday, March 5, 2011

No Shame March...It's a thing

No Shame March is well underway right now. If you haven't already join the facebook event and have an excuse for everything you do.!/event.php?eid=191392057567837