Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nothing is more boring than reading about altruism.


Bear with me on this.

At my placement in Ghana, I am teaching five classes a day. From Primary 3-6 and Junior High School 1-3. The age groups are generally mixed, from 6 at the lowest to 19. Even though the JHS 3 kids should be 14.

I teach P5 on Mondays and Wednesdays. I have been doing my best to drill grammar and composition into their heads. For the first month, I was making the children repeat the same lesson because every time they handed in an exercise they bombed. Proving to me they didn't process a thing. So week after week, I kept trying a different way to tell them that "Teacher" is not an adjective.

After a while they started picking it up, marks improved and we were able to move on.

Though there was this one girl who consistently had failing marks. I always gave her a little slack, hoping her marks would get better like the rest, that sadly did not happen.

What was weird was that she was always attentive in class, saying she understood and writing her notes. Eventually(last Wednesday) I came up to her and had a little talk, just asking her if she needed a hand with anything because her marks were very poor. She shook her head and said "Mistah Ai undastahn".
I then tried a little test, I asked her to take out her notes. Which took three attempts, each time I had to simplify until I was just saying "Notes. Out. Please. Notes.".

Given the difficulty I had getting her notes out I was fairly ready for what came next.
I looked at her note book and everything was written out fine, the writing was childish looking( So is mine).

Then I asked her to read, she stared at me blankly, so I pointed at the topic of her notes which was "Nouns and Pronouns". She looked at her book then at me and started crying.
So I do my best to make her stop crying. I'm pretty good with children but not worth shit with ones who are crying. By the time she had finished crying our lunch was over and she went to her other class.

So I walk up to the proprietor, Sir Joseph Acquah Heyford( He likes to call himself Sir, or have the children call him Master). This man is no fun to talk to or be around, in fact he reminds me of Richard III, the cripple king who manipulated and killed his family. Believe it or not this man is also crippled.

I mention to him that I have a girl in my class who cannot read and I would like to tutor her after school, and if possible we could move her to a class where she can be at the same level as the students. Instead of being a parrot who writes.

He stops me and says don't bother, that girl is no good, she is stupid. I told him the difference from not being able to read because you never went to school before this year and being stupid. He wouldn't listen. He told me I could waste my time on her, but he will not change her class, that eventually she will smarten up.

So here I am a week later doing my best to teach a girl to read, when most of the time she is crying because she can't.

All in all, it's pretty dull reading.

But to save my image..

Brother Paul

-Altruism is boring.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Emma Watson won't stop giving me a boner.

Thanks to Harry Potter 7 I have become a 15 year old teenage lesbian in love with Emma Watson.

She goes and cuts her hair all short like a pixie and shit, AND STILL LOOKS HOT!!! not many girls look hot with short hair!

This post would not be complete without showing you this video as she attempts to speak in an AMERICAN ACCENT, i pretty much jizz everytime i hear her voice.

Do you brothers agree or am i just losing my mind over this love bomb of a girl?

Brother Moe

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Well its about time

Dear Brothers,
First off I would like to apologize for my lack of posts, I have been tremendously lazy for the past 2 months and haven't gotten around to leaving an update until now. I can assure you it is worth the wait. Since the beginning of the school year I have obtained several injuries, some have stories tied to them that are interesting the others are just an inconvenience for myself. I shall start with what I think is the most interesting.

It was a blustery fall afternoon, the sun was shinning and the birds were chirping. Feelings of happiness at the thought of partying with an old friend in a new city warmed my heart as I waited in line for the 3 o'clock ferry to Swartz Bay. After a short boat ride and a few wrong turns I arrived at Casa De La Bros. I was greeted by Brother Naresh with open arms and a big hug, I nearly sprlurged in my pants. We had no time to waste, some catching up was in order as well as grocery and booze shopping. When all was said and done we returned to Casa De La Bros and prepared a magnificent feast consisting of a roasted pig (with an apple in its mouth) a smoked swamp creature that I had caught while fishing off the side of the ferry boat, and more ale than one mans thirst could quench. Yes, this was fine living indeed. Brother Naresh introduced me to his roommates, Scott, Newey, Ian and Cassel who was not a roommate but widely accepted as one of the group. As we sat at the round table plotting our plan of attack for party time that evening, one Bro recommended going into the heart of Victoria to a club called 'Sugar'. There were several acquaintances that were either having supposed birthday celebrations or had managed to create a guest list that we all were on. When the blueprints had been forged and our hungers filled, the Bros enjoyed a nice pre-drinking game I like to call 'watch Jersey Shore while drinking and laugh a whole bunch at how retarded they are'. When we all had a good buzz going on, we hit the road hard and arrived at Sugar around 10-10:30. The line up was longer than my penis, so we decided to wait in the other line up designated for those on a guest list. This line up was smaller than my penis. Unfortunately the person whose guest list we were on had not yet arrived and was needed in person to let us in. A bunch of horses shit if you ask me but I couldn't be bothered, I knew I was going to have a night I would never forget. When the guest of honor arrived she had a limit of 10 people to point out in the crowd and let in. By this time we were closest to the front of the line but many more club-goers had formed a wall behind us. Since I didn't know who the guest of honor was and she didn't know me, I was not picked as one of the 'top ten' to invite inside. Instead she invited her close friends and some of the Bros. When they entered the building, #16 (a bouncer I will later refer to) asked the remaining Bros as well as myself to exit our current line and enter the chump line. We complied and snuck our way past a few people, every now and then inching our way past some more chumps as they turned away to speak to other chumps. Close to midnight I was granted access to the club and went straight for the bar. The place was so crowded and noisy I could not walk anywhere without bumping into someone. As I arrived at the bar I was greeted by Brother Naresh and a shot of Tequila that went down the hatch faster than I could have hoped for. As the night progressed the Bros had split up for the most part and were either drinking at the bar or dancing on the floor. Our only means of communication was via text messages. Around 1:20-1:30 I received a text from Brother Naresh stating the following, "Let's all meet outside and catch a cab WOOOO!!!!!". I finished my beverage and proceeded to make my way through the dance floor past the bar and straight down the stairs to the exit. The task seemed simple enough, however my exit strategy was flawed and I was faced with many obstacles. Trying to walk through the dance floor required either moving people out of the way or breaking apart couples trying to dance. It had to be done in order to leave so I felt no remorse. Once I reached to bar my surroundings had cleared up slightly. I could make out the stairs in the distance and I made my way towards them. Suddenly another obstacle took shape, now this part of the story is very important because this is where my world was flipped upside down in the matter of approximately 60-70 seconds. 20 or so feet away from the stairs, half of the hallway was blocked by a large group of people chatting and drinking, as I walked to the other half of the hallway, four mutants who had most likely been waiting in the chump line up for more than an hour were finally granted access to what they were expecting to be heaven. As our paths collided I attempted to move my left shoulder to the side as to not ram the individual in the face with my body. Unfortunately my act of good will did not go unpunished, as if I were invisible he bumped into anyway. I thought nothing of it and continued walking for the stairs. As I laid my right foot on the first step, I felt a hand grab my left bicep, instinctively I turned around to see who the hand belonged to. To my surprise it was #16 the bouncer. To give you a brief description of the man I now call an asshole he had short ginger hair and a stupid beard, I myself measure in height 6'4" but #16 was taller perhaps 6'6". I call him #16 because all the bouncers at the club had a number tag on their jackets as opposed to a name tag. His number was 16. He looked at me with a mean mug that I took as unfriendly. "Do you want to apologize for that?" he asked, "Apologize for what?" I asked. "You were trying to fight that guy" the asshole exclaimed. I was so caught off-guard by his wild claim that I laughed at him told him he was mistaken, then turned around and started walking down the stairs again, which released his grip from my arm. I did so without hostility or the intention of annoying him, I simply wanted to walk out the front door like a gentleman and without blood on my hands. However the asshole must have been extremely insulted by my behavior because of my lack of respect for his supposed authority. I felt my left bicep being grabbed again, but this time # 16 pulled me back and turned me around. "Are you trying to fight me?", he said rather angrily. I told him that I wasn't but nonetheless he grabbed the back of my neck with his right hand and attempted to thrust his left knee into my abdomen several times. Fortunately I saw it coming and blocked the blows with my right hand which was free from his grasp. Still holding onto my neck and left arm, he then threw me out of what I call "the reject exit" (which is designed for those causing a disturbance in the club) out the door and past the ropes. When I turned around he was already fleeing up the stairs we had come down while the door closed behind him. I was so dumbfounded by what had just taken place that it took me a moment or two to realize what had just taken place. Now if you are someone who knows me well enough than you would know that I am a mellow fellow for the most part. I myself cannot recall the last time I was as angry over something as this. as the rage built up from the pit of my stomach, fueled by alcohol adrenaline and testosterone. I tried to reason with one of the other bouncers to get this #16 to come downstairs and apologize for his wrongdoing. The bouncer basically treated me as if I were worthless and refused my request, than attempted to ignore me. That's when I lost it and through one of the rope poles on the ground to get their attention. I asked again to get "That piece of shit" downstairs to apologize. They refused once again, by this time the Bros were al outside trying to convince me to drop the matter and catch a cab. I realized that it was a lost cause and proceeded to walk down the street until the rage built up enough that I had to release my anger. Unfortunately instead of yelling at the clouds or having another drink I decided to punch a brick wall with all my strength. This is not one of my proudest moments but nonetheless something I had to deal with, three days later when I returned home a doctor confirmed that I had obtained what they have nicknamed a "Boxer's Fracture". I cannot blame #16 for fracturing my hand, I had done that to myself and that is something that I had to accept and move past. What annoys me is the fact that I clearly was not trying to engage anyone at the club in combat including him. I simply wanted to have a good night full of dancing drinking and laughing.
For those wishing to visit Victoria's nightlife, I must admit that Sugar is a decent club, crowded at time but a great time. Do not be discouraged by this club because of this individual, simply keep in mind that if you go to this location and see this asshole that you should be careful, because he clearly is more of a threat to the environment then the environment is to itself. I had told this story to another student at at the same complex as Casa De La Bros and he mentioned that he had a similar experience with a bouncer at the very same club (could be a coincidence but who the fuck knows).

The tale of my second injury goes out to those Bros who are a strong believer in being physically active at the gym. A word to the wise: do not do any shoulder exercises that involve being seated i.e. seated shoulder press, seated shrug machine etc. I have tried these machines and they are a terrible exercise for your neck. I confirmed this with my chiropractor Dr. Pierre DesLauriers ( that these seated exercises are not only terribly ineffective towards building muscles but they also put a tremendous amount of tension on your neck. As a result of usage (after two reps) I am left with a great deal of pain in my neck that runs down my right shoulder blade. Fortunately Pierre has been helping me with recovery, and has recommended doing Functional Exercises. I urge all my brothers interested in physical well-being to investigate functional exercises and use them in their workout routines. Currently I am looking into Russian Kettlebell Training. It is supposed to be intense and surprisingly effective.

Apart from my injuries, most things are A okay in Jasonland, I miss my Bros but I know we shall reunite in the near future. I look forward to reading more posts about all of our adventures. I'm not one to talk but please keep the brotherhood alive and KEEP POSTING.


XOXO Brother Jason

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In reference to the last line of Nick's post.

Fuck the Police

Hello fellow brothers,

This is my first post in quite some time, but lately I haven't had much to talk about either than working and drinking full time. But one night stands out from the rest. About a week ago a buddy I work with sat down to have a couple drinks after work cuz it was 3.50 pilsners that night booyah! so when an hour later when I got off I joined him for a couple. I told myself I am only going to have a few then go home. By the time I sat down he was already half cut, and kept encouraging me to join him, and my will power is nothing so I did. 10 minutes later were ordering shots talking to people around us, having a jolly old time.

There this tall red head who is giving me the eye for the last 15 minutes so I go over there and chat her up, I tell her I am 24 and she tells me she likes that. It is her friends birthday party, so right there I knew some fat chick was going to ruin my time with this chick but luckily all her friends were just as hot as she was, which is extremely lucky. There was some 40 year old with them he was pretty rad he kept feeding my shots all night and doing coke from his finger nail, real stand up guy. His friend that he brought was this really buff bald asian man who kept betting me I couldn't drink 3 bottles of beer under 36 seconds and I kept telling him that was not possible from a bottle or when there cold, so he did it right in front of me like a boss would do and sure enough he slams them all. I still tell him I don't want to do it. During the night when we are still at my work I decide to text my ex gf to see how shes doing, the convo was nice and friendly for all of ten minutes then she snaps cuz I think I said she wasn't going anywhere in life or something and then throughout the night it was just a flurry of ravenous text messages back and forth, some of them got pretty damn harsh on both ends but whatever. But anyway me and this redhead and her friends are traveling up and down Granville street from bar to bar, gettin real drunk, having a good ol time, she was loving me too touching my beard kissing me and shit, I was too drunk to comprehend what was going on and every other second I though it was going to be my last one conscious.

So after a couple hours we end up back at my work she orders a jug of water cuz she was spinning I order more beer cuz I was spinning. She leaves shortly after as she's leaving she proceeds to tell me shes not sleeping with me tonight, I laugh at her. She gives me her number and she leaves. We text all the time now but it won't go anywhere I don't think. The asian man bets me again this time it seems like a better idea. We havea race I down a beer and a half and then proceed to spew all over the bar and chairs. I get kicked out of my own work and he has to pay for my 3 beer. hahaha. I think I caught a cab back home, during this ride I proceeded to keep texting my ex gf just saying the worst things posssible you could say to a woman. I just hate her so much. I get hope and I find that my roomate has duct taped someones mail to my door for a small prank, so I take the dry storage shelf and put it against his door then I duct tape his door knob to the fridge handle and move everything else possible in front of his door.

Then I finally get a phone call from my ex cept it's not her ex its her new boyfriend, who proceeds to tell me that he's laying beside her now and i need to stop texting her so I ask him to ask his gf what my dick tastes like then he really loses it I give him my address and he hangs up. I then decide to text her my ballsack multiple times. She phones me telling me I am mental and that I am going to jail I just laugh at her then tell her to kill her self about 100 times. I fall asleep like a baby and wake up the next day with no regrets.

Two days later I get a phone call from work, constable fuck ass telling me I can never phone her again and that he went over to her house and she showed him convos we had and the pictures I sent which means a cop saw my balls hahaha. Before she phoned the cops she blocked me on facebook, later I realize she unblocked me I asked her why she told me she wanted to show the cop my face but my picture on facebook was two frogs riding a tandem bike and the headline at the top of the picture read: fuck the police

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nothing Lasts Forever, Even Cold Movember Rain

It is that time of year again, I'm sure some of you are already involved.
It is time to grow moustaches.  I have mine carved out with two glorious sideburns joining the party.

But Movember is about more than just the moustaches that thrill the ladies, Movember is about prostate cancer.
1 in 6 men will be diagnosed.  It's pretty serious.

My housmates and I have made a team to fundraise money for Canadian Cancer research.  And, naturally it has become a competition, and I want to raise more money then them, especially since I am currently wearing the best moustache in the house, well debateably.

If you are willing to contribute then check out our Movember page:

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Boy Who Slew The Dragon With The Girl Tatoo

The Dragons Treasure: But I wont be writing about that.

A funny thing happened during the few weeks between posts.

Our young hero...fell. (Lest We Forget).

Sure I could write how he vanquished the serpent and sent her moaning to her dragon's den or I could tell you the truth of it.
Paulson did slay the dragon, that is not a lie.

Though in turn, slaying the dragon addiction?
An obsession? A QUEST!

What quest was more noble than continually slaying a dragon for eternity?! I mean come on! Right?

And here is were the fancy version stops.

I fucked her, it was crazy. Insanity, I had no idea it could have been like that. Just relentless pounding all night long. The next day we both had bruises, bite marks, and sratches. Her room was an absolute disaster area.

Then we fucked again in the morning on an off till about lunch time. I had to catch a trotro back to my placement. It was chill, just kinda "If you come back, you do. If not, then thanks for your penis." That's what the atmosphere was like from her, pretty cool. Mine was like " Yea I'll come back, you fuck well. Thanks for your vagina." All in all pretty relaxed.

I came down the next weekend. I guess this could be the part where I "succumbed" to the dragons power, were the hero(it's me if you were to stupid to know) "fell".

Ive been going back and seeing her instead, don't know why. It just makes more sense. After ever pounding she gets less unattractive. That might be me justifying it or maybe she wasn't that ugly.

My whole judgemental world has gone topsy turvy.
I don't think I need help though, maybe this is a good thing.

Although, for those of you who know my standards on bush, this girl shaves. Because I can guarantee, if she didn't then there would be nothing to write about.

That's what it's like here in africa, sure I teach five classes a day, but the real story lies in the bed of the dragon. Also the british girl got really pissed off and all bitchy. Started bad talking the girl. Then I realised, the less attractive girl had way more personality and was more fun than the attractive british girl...hmm maybe there is something about personalities being better than looks...and fucking too, thats also key.

Anyways that was a post in my own voice, not the narrator.

Have a good one Brothers.

My next post won't be a story, something closer to journalism and poo.

-Deus Ex Machina

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Status: White Rock

So yea hey bros. Miss you guys and wish so badly i couldve gone to the bloody beetroots show! Feelin a little guilty since i havent posted in a long time so here it is. Not much new since i havent left white rock other than to go to school in surrey lately. Been gyming, working and playing wow when not in school and like brandon said, cataclysm is gonna eat up time. Reaaaally looking forward to winter break in anticipation of all the ridiculous shinanigans that we'll be getting into and other than that i dont have much to post. See you guys soon!

Lest we forget...THE ZOMBIES!

This is how we spent our Remembrance Day - 18 hours of Call of Duty Black Ops: Zombie mode - playing as JFK AND FIDEL CASTRO defending the Pentagon. So far we've gotten up to level 9 as its fucken hard as DICK... But so fun. we're going to try for another 6 hours.

Not a bad way to remember the fallen.. Or the undead.


Brother Moe and Brother Humza

Victoria daayz

Same old victoria bullshit. Nothing new to report nothing exciting happening... Other than I've never been so booked for tattoos in my life. I've got my shin being coloured on the 28th and I outline my sleeve on the 15th of december... fuuucked.

I will see some of da broz on those dates. miss u guizz.

oh yeah and Cataclysm is going to suck my WoW addiction down to a whole new level.

Herp Derp

Today is rainy and gloomy, but there is a golden light shining in my heart because I know there are brothers out there, broing down, all around the world.
I just got back from the airport, my mom left to Brazil for 2 weeks, I'm goddamn jealous as an egg.
Tuesday night, went downtown to the forum, danced like crazy, got slapped from some girl whose face I licked, but then she liked me afterwards because I showed her I didn't give a fuck about being slapped. Met some ultra-cute Japanese girl who I'll hopefully be meeting up with this weekend, I left her alone on the dance floor for all of one minute and came back to find 3 mexican dudes all encroaching upon her, slow and scared, there was no dominance from these faggots, so I simply shoved them all away and showed them I'm a beast, they peaced out then I made out with my girl, hero status I know. I then took the last bus home, met up with an old friend from Highschool and then stayed up until 7am blasting lines with him in the basement of his parents house whilst drinking wine and listening to youtube tunes. (And doing dramatic readings from a Kurt Vonnegut book).
Bloody Beetroots was pure madness as you all know, I don't even really know what went down that night but I know it was impossibly beautiful and unforgettable, I want to thank you all for making it perfect. After the original dose of drugs I ingested I also later bought 3 caps of E with a fake $50, classic prank.
Halloween was madness, on the Friday I had a girl buy me a ticket to the Nero and Skrillex show, which was goddamn epic and found my old highschool friend dressed up like an amazonian warrior, fucking beautiful. I was dressed up as some form of homo-erotic mountain man.
That photo was taken at the Saturday night Halloween party I attended, where basically every guy was dressed up gay/slutty as fuck. Epic night of brotastic proportions.

Anyway, I think we should make it mandatory to get all the bros together for nights similar to the Bloody Beetroots at LEAST once every 2 months, more if possible, they are just goddamn excellent.
P.S Naresh: Judging by this picture I think I need to lay off the squats for a bit...

Fine Naresh

Siriusmo is the greatest. He's ahead of the game in all respects.


If you don't like this nothing will change for me because I don't really care. But I'll give you a second chance with this one which is what I consider to be a perfect song, nothing needs to be changed and nothing needs to be added and its the first time I've heard a child sing in a song without it being some kinda kids bop shit.

Old spice commercials are not smart, funny or witty. Fuck Them.

Brothers. Sorry for the long reply. I apologize, for my mind was awry. Let me begin this post with a solemn silence for our fallen brethren who fought and defended our freedom on this day 92 years ago. Lest we forget ( 2 Minutes of silence before continuing to read this post please).

Alright, now that that's done I thought I would mention that I'm from Singapore. And I don't even know what my country did during World War 1. Either way it seems to have worked out in the end. I'll start this post with the weekend of Halloween. It was a fun filled weekend. Brother Mitch was here and we rolled up to a couple of house parties, got ridiculously hammered, and ate A LOT of Mcdoubles. You can't go wrong with the Mcdoubles, if you're trying to gain weight, save money, or all in all just craving food whilst drunk (Which happens everytime). Brother Mitch almost got into a fight his second night here and Edward Scissorhand wanted to beat up me up (A Fairy). I stood there laughed a little bit and then told him to punch me as hard as he could in the face while looking at him dead in the eye. He never did. We went to some retarded frat party where everyone looked like they were 4 years old. We left this party within seconds. On our walk home, I saw a Dragon. He came down and spoke to me and said that for the price of 2 gold he would fly me around Victoria, stop off at Mcdonalds so I could get myself some Mcdoubles, and then drop me off at home. I couldn't refuse for I have not seen a dragon in quite some time now. Leaving my friends behind I hopped on the dragons back as he flew me around on the most mystical journey of my life. I believe my dick was semi-erect this entire trip due to it's sheer awesomeness. Little did I know the dragon had suprises for me. A portal ripped open near Mt.Doug and we ventured into a completely different realm with mystical beings. The Dragon told me that this was his home and I could come visit him whenever I'd like and gave me a locket. For me to visit his realm I had to mutter the words "Dloj Quranti Makanari Sulomn Donogast". This was the most amazing night of my life. I remember when we made out pit stop at mcdonalds, the line was tremendously long. But Qirinjanriusanamankalaka (This was the name of the dragon) just took a deep breath and incinerated everyone in there except the cashiers and the cooks. This made my night even more enjoyable because instead of waiting 10 minutes in line I didin't have to wait at all cause the line was dead (Literally). I ordered 8 mcdoubles, a double big mac meal, a quarter pounder meal without the coke, and a couple of mcnuggets. I Then ordered a cow for Qirinjanriusanamankalaka. Oh i forgot to mention, Qirinjanriusanamankalaka can shrink in size whenever he pleases so we actually managed to find a table at the mcdonalds and eat our meal there before he dropped me off at home. The departure was sad but I knew that no matter what I could see Qirinjanriusanamankalaka in his realm whenever I pleased.

The weekend after this was The Bloody Beetroots. I don't think I have to share anything about that because I was with all of you. It was a brotherhood night and what a night it was. I have come to realize that the commodore is probably my favorite venue right now, apart from the gorge. I can't wait for another show like that again. It was good seeing all of you and I look forward to my december break when we can wreak chaos in our little town.

The other night my roomates and I got ridiculously wasted. Actually we ended up blacking out the night. We went to some party which was horrible. Everyone just looked like a bunch of drunk zombies sitting on couches doing nothing, so we decided to be the party itself. David started the dance floor started bringing some girls in, I showed off my awesome dance moves and we had a dance off. Scott and I played beer pong, but at this point it was more like "chug all your cups now cause you've already lost", which was practically what happened. The last thing I remember with this night was some girl telling me as we were about to leave "That it's rude to stare" and Newey responding with "It's Rude to be a Whore". After this the whole lot of us forgot the rest of the night. Honestly I can't go into details with what we awoke too in our house the next morning but we seriously don't know how it happened (Not a single one of us) which is kinda scary., but if you all really want to know I'll tell you in person.

Anyways, It is now my reading break so I'll be studying h-core as of today. Eventually. Oliver still continuing with my deadlifts, squats, gonna start power clean and jerk, most likely tomorrow. We'll see how disastrous that ends up being. I hope I don't puke.

Also you guys are fucking assholes.

Leave a goddamn post.

"Dloj Quranti Makanari Sulomn Donogast"
Brother Naresh

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

No more lonely girls


I just enjoyed an amazing weekend visiting brother naresh in victoria. There were some great memories made for sure as I galavanted around in my Justin Bieber costume. I almost got us into one fight where I called some guys faggots then they called us faggots back and I said "I know I'm a faggot! I'm Justin bieber" he then followed us lipping off and I just made fun of him some more and walked away. I won't get into more of the details but if you have partied with naresh and his roommates you will understand the fun that ensued. If you haven't, then you should.

I will be attending the bloody beetroots show on Friday night . I know many of you are attending as well, I look forward to meeting those of you that I haven't yet and also meeting again those that I have.

Although it is still 8 months away I have found the official theme song for next summer : "SUMMER BROLEVEN"

this year dubstep was huge, next year Euro Electro:

"The Summer is Magic" (Official Song of Summer Broleven)