Sunday, September 19, 2010


Brothers and brother lovers,

I started last weekend with a fast food binge that included Thai, Mcdonalds, pizza, A&W and Jos Louis . I gained 10 pounds in water weight from all the salt and felt like such a fat slut. By Monday I remembered noone likes fat people, so I went back to the gym right then to upkeep my perfect Hugh Grant-like body (See attached picture above).Most of my week went: school ,gym, study, T.V and sleep no need for real details there.
Kwantlen is just like highschool except easier, I even see a lot of people from highschool although most times I pretend I don't to avoid this conversation:

"Hey, Hows it going?"
"Good , long time no see"
"Yeah, what have you been up to? what are taking? how old are you now?Do you remember that time back in math 10 when we did math? "
"Not much, Courses, twenty and three quarters, and yes I definitely remember doing math."
"Well I've got to go, but we should hang sometime"
"yeah, for sure. See ya!"

Thursday night was Yazad's Birthday. I had a class to go to early Friday morning and after deciding I would not attend, I decided I would attend sober. We had a good guy to girl ratio of 9:1 as we headed towards the Bourbon . We thought this would change when we got to the bar as we were told tales of the Bourbon being very busy on Thursday nights. This is not the case, we were nearly the only people in the whole place. A sausage fest dance floor ensued while the live band played anything requested. Friday Night we said goodbye to Brother Paul for 6 months as he is going to africa so that he will have heartwarming stories to aid in getting DTFL. I said goodbye with a gift of a photoshopped picture(see below) of what I hope his trip will be like. Saturday night I went to UBC to party, I drank some 151 and iced tea, I also witnessed the hairiest female legs I have ever seen wearing a mini-skirt. The night ended with 4 people sleeping in a double bed, not the first time and it won't be the last.

I can be your hero baby,

Brother Mitch

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  1. 9:1 Seems to be about the best ratio anyone's ever got hanging out with Yazad.