Monday, September 20, 2010

Confidence is the way to a woman's heart.. or atleast her pants.

As this blog is public again, I must now choose my words carefully. Since I now have a social persona to uphold, I have spent the last hour figuring out how to censor my happenings for the benefit of promoting future happenings without sacrificing the brotherly nature of my report to my dearest kinsmen.
I have come up with a list only.

Wenesday- Ratatat Live at the Commadore.
Thursday - Yazads Birth Party.
Friday- Pauls Departure Party.
Saturday- UBC House Party.
Sunday- Recovery.
Monday- Date night.

The results without going into explicit detail:
I received 13 numbers in the last 5 days.

The wise words of a father,
"A woman will not lay a man who will not lay himself."

So I leave you with my legacy,

Lay unto yourself as you would lay unto others.

Kind Regards,

Brother Moe


  1. hows the success with calling them so far?

  2. not so good,
    Im kinda overwhlemed and a lot of them were not as hot as they appeared to be.. damn beer goggles
    I texted the girl from the handcreamstore at oakridge and am going to watch her read poetry at this club saturday wanna come?Then sometime this week going out for drinks with the comiccon girl from the ubc party, i asked this one out via text message it was hilarious.

  3. haha i told you about your beer goggles man, i'm down to hang out saturday if its not meant to be a date or if i would hurt chances at all. i'll need more details though, I'm not sitting through hours of poetry.