Monday, September 6, 2010

My shweekend


I met one of the most attractive asian girls I've ever seen last night. Thats all. First years look like little children for some reason, even though I'm only 2 years older. Designer Drugs is amazing live but fuck tall ppl, sorry to those who are tall but the guy behind me jacked 2 tshirts that i jumped as hard as i could for, they were mine, I had them on my finger tips. I got a sticker that says "SEX CULT" Donno what it means but i like it, so now its on my mac. I've discovered that its a great idea to buy booze and hide it outside of clubs/ bars. So when you leave you have a lovely surprise waiting, so far I ain't been jacked. The cambie is sweet.

Take your furry fur off. I can't it's made of fur. Bitch well then wack me off.

Brother Ryland

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