Sunday, September 19, 2010

Broliver Presents: Went swimming.

Yo my brothers. So yesterday I decided since I was all the way out here on the east coast I should swim in the Atlantic, which I've never done before. It was a cold, gray September evening and I was in my underwear. There was a couple sitting in their car at the beach watching me, it was probably really romantic for them and I bet it kickstarted their sex-drives. Anyway, the water smelled bad and there was tons of mussels and seaweed, it was ice-cold but a good refreshing wake-up. I think I might make polar-bear swims a weekly routine once I get back home, anyone want to join me?
Anyway, had a pretty decent night out, I'll spare you the details, but it involved the usual; sneaking into multiple venues without waiting in line or paying cover (one was pretty high class and we somehow bombarded the coat check lady with reasons why we needed VIP bracelets), meeting multiple lame-ass drunks and dodes. And I set the fire alarm off twice while I was cooking some noodles at 3:30am, to the dislike of the people trying to sleep in the house. I'm coming back home on Tuesday and I think I'll make a trip out to Victoria on the 1st if Naresh isn't busy with exams.
peace out broheems.

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