Saturday, September 18, 2010

Broliver Presents: Friday Nights out!

Good morning brothers!

Tonight was somewhat interesting, started off hitting up some predrink that was mostly uneventful, I witnessed some pretty amazing beerpong shots but I didn't have any booze to partake. After that I decided I'd go and reunite with my friend James Ross, whom I scuba dived with in Indonesia then stayed with in Calgary for about a week. Very cool guy, he was just chillin in his room, which was actually the lounge turned into extra housing for people with nowhere to stay or something. Kicked it there for a bit and then headed off into the night.

Did the regular old thing, just hitting up womenz and sneaking into clubs. Got into 2 different clubs tonight for free, one was with my almost 2 week old wrist band and the other was through the back door. We noticed it was slightly ajar so we went in and ran up a flight of stairs, at the top there was a curtain blocking the hall from the club. Just as we arrived at the top of the stairs some drunk girl stumbled through the curtain and we heard a bouncer yell "HEY GET BACK HERE, NOONE ALLOWED BACK THERE". At this point I was shitting myself and then about a minute later an employee walked through to get to the "employee only" area, we just gave him a nod and he kept going, then we went through the curtain and got in. Glory times! Talked to a lot of girls in this place, the ones that stood out:
Go up and start dancing with this girl and kind of just man-handling her, slapping her ass, lifting her up, pulling her into me, pulling her hair etc. We kiss, she bites my lip, she gets angry because she doesn't know my name and it's all happening too fast or some dumb shit. She takes off.
Another funny thing was I walked up to these 2 girls that looked like they were in a hurry and said "Where are you going we haven't even met yet!" and they said "Get the fuck away from here!" Actually the first girl said that and her friend just repeated the exact same sentence. I laughed really hard at that.
I had a bottle of water and was holding it as if it were my dick and walked up to some girl and placed it in her hand and she got really angry and told me to fuck off, laughed pretty hard at that as well.

Switched venues to the dome. I hate this place, it's a bunch of horrible people, dressed up like gangsters, bitchy sluts that aren't even that good looking and just people who shouldn't be in the same place as me, I don't know why I go here, pretty excited to leave Halifax to be honest.
Anyways the groups that stood out here: This one girl I chatted for a really long time with and had a great interaction, she didn't know what she was doing later (ding ding ding) but had to find her roommate who had called her like 8 times during out conversation and she kept just ignoring him. I decided to get her number because it seemed possible to pull her later that night (by the time I texted her she was home already, so no go). Then another girl was just sitting there and I went up and said "I'm sad, I need a kiss" so she kissed me on both cheeks then lips, meh, she was all right we bullshitted for a while, talked about my scars and what not but that kind of fizzled into nothing!
Then the weirdest one was this crazy looking black girl named Latoya came up and started talking to me, she might have been on meth, she seemed really nice though so I didn't want to be rude. Anyway she talked and talked, I think she had missing teeth, then she wanted to dance so I agreed just to be affable, her body was yuck, everything was yuck, I kind of just panicked and said "I gotta go find my friend" I felt like a chick reacting towards me haha, am I really that bad?? Anyway, she started grabbing me and asking what was wrong and telling me to stay but I was pretty freaked out.
Nothing really to note from tonight, I choded out at the end and kind of just stopped approaching.
Oh there was some dude playing guitar on the street and he was just starting up on "You can't always get what you want" by the stones and this douche came up and tried requesting a song but the guy just kept singing and as the douche was walking away and declaring "well say goodbye to 20 fuckin bucks!" the dude just started getting into the verse of "YOU CANT ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WWAAAANNNT" and it was just timed so damn perfectly. I gave the guy $2 for his efforts and sang the rest of the song with him.
That was my night.
I cooked soy sauce peanut butter noodles with beef slices and garlic. Actually damn good.

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  1. Maybe Letoya was a really nice person,also missing teeth dosen't have to be a bad thing.