Sunday, September 19, 2010

I thought I'd let the bros know whats up so here it is. Just began my post secondary education off on the right foot, going to the prestigious Kwantlen University with one course. It's actually pretty interesting and Kwantlen has everything a brother needs. My first campus experience was in the courtyard where a DJ blasted Like a G6 while i tried to figure out where i was. After ending up in the staff offices i finally found my class and the serious smart schooling started. Im taking Traditional History of the Far East and id say 70% of the class is white and there isnt a single asian person which surprised me. While on the topic of ethnicities id like to mention some seriously tasty steak fajitas i had the other day at Luna Loca, i recommend trying them. Anyways thats all for this post, Ill have to do something crazy in the next week so I have something to write about.
Much love brothers, much love.
Brother Carson

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