Thursday, September 9, 2010

They Do Exist

Brothers and Brother fan club,

The pants are not figurative, they are a real pair of magical pants. No one knows where they originated but they are currently in my posession . You are never truly alone when you have the pants and when you wear them it is like all the brothers are in your pants at once.

Yesterday was my first day at University and I was a little uneasy about it all. All these thoughts were racing through my head "what if I'm not smart enough?" "what if I forget to bring a pencil?" "what if they find out I'm mixed race, and neither the blacks or the whites want to be my friends?"
I really didn't want to go at all, but mom made me hot cocoa and drew me a bath to get my head in check. Once my head was in check the answer was in the bag or should I say "In the Pants". I put on the pants and right away I had a surge of confidence, I felt like Hugh Grant in the movies(perfect). Although they are a mere 29inch waist The pants were an exceptional fit and my day seemed to go off without a hitch.


Brother Mitch

PS. Just like Hugh Grant, a few pretty girls smiled at me and seemed pretty "DTF".


  1. Beautiful my man, I can not wait to don these amazing pantaloons.

  2. The picture accurately depicts how well these pants fit me. I don't know how we will be passing them around but they will eventually make the rounds.