Sunday, September 12, 2010

Another Successful Weekend


alas I have a story worthy enough of being shared. Albeit this oliver your stories always seem to amaze me the most. Edmunston seems to be quite a bore. But with you and your chaos it'll be a new hell in Canada.

My weekend started on monday, while school started on wednesday, and brother jason visited on thursday. Our nights commenced with fires roaring across the night sky while the wavering of dragons and their shimmering silver tails displayed an unfathomable aura. Testosterone was out the roof this weekend so much so that nearly two fights broke out and our house caught on fire.
Thursday was a day full of recklessness. We commenced our nights with 151 and Ice Tea. And eventually made our way down to a club called sugar, only the most retarded and busiest place on a thursday night with lineups going down the street. Fortunately for me I had friends who threw me on the guestlist and I managed to get in within a minute of waiting whereas my roomates had to wait about an hour or so. If there was ever a place where the term "there's plenty of fish in the sea" applied it would be at this club. It was a sess pool of beautiful women, very sweaty beautiful women. But then again I was sweating like a mad man using my friends flannel shirt at certain points in the night as a sweat towel. I was told that a couple of people I somewhat knew were on MDMA only the most hazardous and dangerous drug in the world that no one should ever do because after doing it only once you hate your family, try crystal meth and commit suicide. The liquor kept piercing through my veins for Hi-balls were only 3.25. I need to stop bringing cash to places like this because I'm an idiot who buys drinks for everyone. Even people I've only met and spoke to for 5 minutes. Well I could keep rambling about my time at this club but from here on out I think we all know what happened. On my way out though I see brother jason getting dragged out by a bouncer, oh was there a situation after this but I'm sure he'll tell you all about it in his upcoming first post. Some portion of my night consisted of me calming him down while trying to find a taxi which surprisingly didn't take very long.

The following day which I now believe to be friday, consisted of the same thing we try and do every night "Try and Take Over The World". no but this night was quite tamed just had a couple of drinks, relaxed. Our original plan consisted of us going downtown but after waiting for a couple of minutes at the bus stop we realized that we would take it easy, drink at home and not worry about the hassle of travel. Overall it was your less than average night in victoria but when we all got home david cooked some bacon which smelled amazing.

Now this was Brother jasons last night here(saturday). We all decided that for a night such as this we needed to get blackout drunk. My friend told me of a fraternity rush event at his place that we attended. The theme was tight and bright. Prior to this event we had several games of beer pong at home, some electro music in the background, and absolutely no women. Just raging testosterone. Anyways after several games of beer pong we were all somewhat drunk. We waited at the bus stop to get to this party for about 30 minutes and realized that the bus didn't even go to that general area, so we took a taxi there. To be honest I don't even remember who I took the taxi with anymore I think it was just me and scott, I could be wrong. The party was loads of fun, it was 10 dollars to get in but there was tons of free drinks, a mass of people all dressed up, and many gorgeous women. I wore this bright neon jacket looking thing but regretted it for it was quite hot in there. I eventually did take it off but the girls digged it. It was another night of dancing, meeting a bunch of new faces. A successful night for the whole lot of the brothers. Well Mainly 4 of us. On our way home someone mentioned some racial slurs to me or at least we think that's what happened and David almost killed the guy (Literally), at the nick of time we grabbed a cab as it drove by just barely avoiding the confrontation that would have turned out to be disastrous. At this point we were all incredibly wasted, so we came home drank more and passed out, but not before we stink bombed ian's room, cooked an entire pizza, made two packets of bacon(oh god was it delicious).
I hope to hear of all your stories, but for now I leave you with my current state, that of which consists of vomite, dready eyes, and a stomach which feels quite unsettled from the liquor. It somewhat speaks for itself, but I gotta go find my bathing suit, it's time for a swim, hotub, and sauna. A nice little detox before I get on with my plentiful week of homework.

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  1. i am definitely coming out this month, I will bring the Pants.