Monday, September 20, 2010

Brother Down In The Library

Brother Naresh Reporting In,

Dear Brothers, I right to you in awe as I study for Chemistry only the best course one has to offer in the depths of the silence zone on the 3rd floor of this gigantic library. A Great man once said "Life is Good" His name was Aran Davison who can't use this blog because for some reason it's in russian for him in Greece. Anyways. If anyone has been in this library Jake for example one would know that the 3rd floor is the quietest place on earth. For you brother's I will let out a big fart so the masses in here will stare at me in the utmost disgust and I will look back at their faces and say while having the biggest smile "You wanna hear a louder one" Then go back to my studious ways. UVic is a ridiculous school, I met a beautiful girl on friday, I don't really know her name she probably told me but it was 2 am in the morning on a friday... I invited her over for toast but sadly there was only 2 slices of toast left. Not to worry Brother's I Had NUTELLA. So everything worked out. I also went to some keggar on friday, left within 10 minutes though for it was in a house fit for 50 people but had 300 people in it. A little girl almost got squished to death. Saturday night Scott and I rolled out to Social Club. It was pouring rain and we were completely Sober, but we had a wonderful night. Girls really do love dancing, but so do I, so it wasn't a problem. Scott and I realized that going to a club sober made us the most moralistic humans in the world (Wayyy more than the Dalai Lama). It was disgusting. I miss each and every one of you brothers and if you get the chance you should all get the Friday the November 5th tickets to see the Bloody Beetroots. It'll be a Night to remember. For now I am inclined to get a 100% in every single course and to let out loud farts on the third floor of the library. Tomorrow I look forward to being bullied because of my farts, and if you don't hear from me wednesday I'm in Intensive care after farting one too many times. No but seriously, I would have gone into more detail but I really need to focus. FOCUS! Oh yah back to "Life is Good"---- I expand the quote to "Life Is Beyond Good, It's What You Make it, and I made it Great" THROUGH THE TEARS AND THE LAUGHTER BROTHERS XOXOX LIVE LAUGH LOVE CRY JUMP AND CUDDLE AND KISS ONLY WHEN MARRIED.