Wednesday, September 22, 2010

46 years of fine aging and a curious 20 year old

Hello Brothers,

This is my first post and I will try and make the experience as memorable as it was for me for you the reader. As many brothers are aware there is a cozy nook that sits on the corner of White Rock beach called The Sandpiper or as I like to call it: the Booyah Piper. So I make my weekly trek down to white rock to hang out with some fellow bros, the night begins with quickly drinking a six pack of tall boy old mil's and a walk down to the bar. The walk down to the beach, drinkin brews with bros is always a good time plus I get to point out all the cars i've pissed on and tried to shit on, and all the trees weve broken. Funny what a little liquor and a naked dude will do to ya.

We finally get to the bar, we by pass getting beer and head straight for the karaoke play list right away. Before you know it we have got 4 songs ready to unleash on the unsuspecting crowd. Once I am content with the golden choices we made I head to the bar, at this point I am very much drunk and kinda spilly, which is a good mixture for a dance floor. So I get my beer, and some fuckin song for some reason I have to dance too starts playing so I slam my beer and head right for it. There is four of us BTW, all bros and all intimately dancing with each other and grinding on one another, you know for shits and giggles. People are getting weird-ed out but I don't give a flying Freddy. So that keeps up for like another hour, were all dancing and singing and carrying on, great night really. My drunk starts entering the aggressive horny stage, also a really good stage if you like to grab chicks.

And then from the corner of my drunken horny eye, I spot one not really a rare sight at the piper but a sight none the less. A cougar awaits my arrival, so I glide towards her and start dancing with her with my slick ass moves that from another person point of view looks like a crippled man trying to walk again while drunk. We dance for a while but my agressivness kicks in and I take her outside for a smoke, from there I lay on the smooth talk but there was really no need, she already marked her territory and everyone knew it. I looked behind me and all my bros are standing there smirking at me, I give them a re assuring nod that tells them I will not be returning with them tonight.

So now the night really starts, we start walking up to her car with friend. I could tell her friends was laughing really hard inside about what was happening. Al three of us are blackout, and at this point she tells me she drove. I wasn't too worried about it cuz if anyone knows how to drink and drive it's me, I volunteer like I really wanted to or something. We get to the car and I notice it is a standard, now this poses a problem because a standard is not a type of car I've driven before. So her friend tries to help me but she's to busy trying to keep her food down and my cougar is too busy talking about shit I couldn't care less about. My clumsy attempt to drive a standard up hilly white rock while blackout costed this car 6 stalls. Which isn't too bad right? So we finally end up at her house, she makes the most tasty martini I ever had, we all sit on hte patio and talk about stupid shit and sway side to side all trying not too pass out. Her friend calls a cab cuz she knows it's about to go down, and as soon as she did I hopped in this 46 year olds bed took all my clothes off except my socks (of course) I figured shes 46 she doesnt wanna play games, and boy was I right. She starts slobbin on my knob like it's the last one on earth, my eyes went from half open to full blown shocked. And from there it was just about 25 minutes of epic cougar sex, I felt like I was being raped but it was tight. As soon as SHE finished, I passed the hell out, woke up in the morning nood still took a piss, it went bloody everywhere , I decided not to clean it up, I was way too hungover to bend over and exert energy. I walk into the kitchen and there is a cup of coffee and breakfast made for me. I thought to myself what A good idea this was. As I happily finished my breakfast we talked awkwardly for about a half hour than I made my long walk of shame home.

Too my brothers who are doubtful about the milf hookup, give it a try. It'll be weird and you will be thinking to yourself why aren't I having sex with a 18 year old skank right now, but trust me it's worth it just for one time just to say you did it. And brother mitch your an idiot not going out with that 30 year old, she woulda sucked your dick right off.


  1. welcome to the brotherhood, this was a good read. I haven't been to the piper since I was 18. I don't remember much, as it was a tequila night. what I do recall was older women grabbing my ass and buying me cigarettes.

  2. Brother the pants were with YOU that night!
    i love how she made you breakfast, now thats a quality feline. You wont ever get that with a 18 year old skank.
    May we all one day be raped by mature women brothers.