Monday, October 4, 2010


This weekend I watched some movies while I put off studying, We were supposed to go out as a brotherhood on saturday but it flopped.

I watched "get him to the greek" first, it was okay the only really funny part way p.diddy talking about mindfucking.Overall it was a good time waster .
Next I watched Stomp "The Yard: Homecoming" this is a movie about black people dancing that also teaches positive morals about teamwork, I couldn't get enough. There were only 20 dance scenes, I would have appreciated a few more(10-20 more would have been sufficient). there was one white person in the whole movie and he was dancer too: I wasn't expecting that at all, it was a pretty fucked up plot twist. If you like to watch black people dance I recommend this movie strongly.
I also happened to catch a classic "forces of nature" starring Ben Affleck . Overall Ben Affleck should have been replaced by Hugh Grant for sure.

When did I get time to study? somewhere in there, it's not really important.

"Keep ya head up brotha"-Quote from stomp the yard: homecoming

-Brother Mitch


  1. that quote, " keep ya head up brotha", really touched my heart.

  2. Mitch, sorry about the flop, poor planning and I didn't have numberz. That night turned out to be insane though, went to some partial-nudity rave and got kicked out of a pub for peeing in the woman's washroom sink. Weird.

  3. it's cool , I really don't have partying money right now anyways. Groceries and gas is really about all I should be buying till I get a job. We'll get something going soon though.