Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Boy Who Slew The Dragon With The Girl Tattoo


The dragon did not have a tattoo.
But here is a story.

Part one.
There was a boy, his name is Everett Richard Paulson. This boy is our hero.
He is a volunteer teacher is a small town called Akyem Achiase(Achim Aschiasay). The boy had taken to visiting a british girl by the name of Blank LeBlank every weekend. He travelled for a while by transport to see her, for a damn good reason.

A weekend past he had gone down to see the girl.

He saw her friday night, but on saturday something awry had happened. The two lovers did not meet up.


What could have been regular saturday evening down in Takoradi, a coastal city in the country of Ghana, changed dramatically for our young hero. A simple evening turned into a moral and standard shaking event. (with sexy results.)

Next time..

Part two: The Encounter


  1. Only paul would just write about getting laid while in Africa. I can see the return to canada conversation now:

    "what did you do in africa paul?"
    "I got laid"

    I am looking forward to that conversation.

  2. Mitch...take the "L" off and add an "S" at the end.

    Nah, I'm kidding. I didn't have any body help me with anything. Not even getting HIV, that was from the needle.

  3. Wait...are you saying there are no sexy results? There is no british girl? Have you abused the trust of the most prestegious brotherhood on the internet?