Saturday, October 2, 2010

First night back in Vancouver City, in ages

Good morning brothers,
So I decided to head down to UBC to meet up with a friend I hadn't see in almost 2 years, I only met this dude once but it was at a 10-day meditation retreat which was a pretty epic point in my life, and even though there was no talking allowed a deep connection was built with the people I did this retreat with. My friend Nader was one of those guys, awesome dude, he traveled across Canada the same time as I did but in the opposite direction. Anyway we chilled near Wrek beach for a while and watched the sunset, it was indescribably epic. After that I walked up to my buddy Liam's place to see what he was up to. We drank some Rum and Coke and hit a party. I won a couple games of pool, crushed some beers, drank stranger's wine got hit on by like an 80 year old chinese lady who was collecting cans from the frat house.

Liam and I are told by some dode that he can get us into some faggy club "Post Modern" for free with no line and shit. So we went along, caught the bus, mowed some pizza and hit the town. I spotted 3 hotties so I went up and started talking, one of them expected a piggy-back ride because her heel's were hurting her feet. I told her to take off her shoes and give me a piggyback ride. Her friends were like "nah, he's too small to lift you anyway" I knew this was some dumb-cunt trick so instead of proving them wrong and giving them a piggy back ride I just stopped everyone from walking, eyed the girl up and down said "I think I could lift her" grabbed her below her ass so her tits were in my face, spun around in a 360, then dropped her hips so her legs were wrapped around mine and started dry humping her on the sidewalk, her friends were freaking out and I was laughing. Liam caught up with me to see what was going on and I knew that I kind of blew it with this group so I just peaced out with him, was hilarious.

The club was a fiasco, the dude's "contact" was some 18 year old promoter or something who had no connections whatsoever, the bouncers completely dismissed his request to get 10 fucking dude's in, obviously, so we head out. Walk around randomly, use a bathroom in a coffee shop to wash off the fucking war paint that some girls drew on us at the bus stop, as liam and I are both in the washroom washing ourselves this little asian dude walks in and before he can quickly walk back out I stop him and say "it's okay man, come on, take a poo, we won't judge" then he started walking back in as if he was about to do it then freaked out and started shaking his head going "no,no,no,no" and got the hell out of there haha.

Some other funny bullshit happened but nothing amazing, I ended up catching the last bus home, hopefully if the brothers unite tonight it will be epic.

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