Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Boy Who Slew The Dragon With The Girl Tattoo

Part II: The Encounter

Paulson our knight in shining armor, had just spent his Friday night with his fair wench, Blank. Come saturday morn, he set out about the city, finding fresh fruit, skewered goat, coconuts and other local eats. Everett curtailed his market search; bringing his hoard to the beach. Where Blank and the other volunteers were sunbathing and water bathing( in the sea). Everett had not always paid attention to all the volunteers, and generally forgot their faces or names. Save for those he enjoyed getting sinisterly intoxicated with. They were John Everyman, Frank Grimes, Charlie Brown, his woman, Jane Doe and Lois Lane.

Of course his compatriots were at the beach, they always were. Though, they weren't alone.

(This is the encounter part)


Lying next to his Funky Neilla*, was THE DRAGON!

Our hero was dumb struck, not only was she a dragon, she was all the more Draconian in contrast to his British girl(with nice teeth). A long visage, with a hooked nose. Her crooked smile permanently plastered to her lips. The Worm(Fact: JRR Tolkien called Dragons, Worms.) had a long neck that trailed down to her sinewy and yet square shoulders. He torso was lenghty and with out definition. Her legs were long and thin, not fat, but not nice either.

Yes...She truly was a Fire-Snake.

But before our hero could forget about her, and go on his way to his dear maiden. Something caught his attention..

Find out next time in The Dragons Treasure.

* A funky neilla is a hot girl.


  1. Did Paul even go to Africa, or did he just to to Tofino or Nelson or somewhere and do drugs?

  2. I've been told that going to Africa is a life changing experience just like going to any third world country. But I also truly belive I have foud the anti-equation to this assumption. The answer: Paul.

    Good to hear from you friend! Now go change someones life for the better. I mean it. You best be putting smiles everywhere you go. Also are you still hairless?

  3. paul is really in africa, I have a photo of him smimming with the natives.

    Don't go falling in love now paul.