Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Brotastic Turkey Weekend!

Hello my brothers!
Well Friday was a pretty good ol' fashion time. Met up with my good friend Blake and we went to some Birthday party, which was tame and not exactly what I was looking for (wild tymez). I did learn a new drinking game though called "Connections" which basically just ends up with everyone chugging massive amounts of alcohol. There is no skill or luck or surprise, basically just lets you know who the sadists of the group are.
Blake and I decided to leave the party and hit up the Sandpiper because it was Karaoke night. There was a girl with the tramp stamp "Michael's" on her lower back, I was hitting on her for a bit and Blake texted me "michaels going to be pissed" haha classic.
I sang "All out of love" by Air Supply in somewhat of a Creedish voice, it was awesome, people slow-danced and applauded. I saw some girl checking me out so I grabbed her and started furiously making out with her, she was twisting my nipples and biting my ear, this actually turned me on quite a bit, pain is nice sometimes. Anyway went for the pull like 10 minutes after meeting her because Blake was leaving and I wanted a place to crash, she wasn't ready to go yet so I said fuck it and peaced out. Her loss.

Saturday night: Glorious Bromantics unleashed upon Blackforest.
This was the best night ever, drunkeness, seeing all my old buddies, catching up with all the brothers and meeting a couple new brothers! Games of pool were won, whiskey was shot and bromance was expressed, to a new level! My memories of this night are hazy but I remember getting punched in the face by some irate woman and then dodging the rest of her attacks while telling her to discontinue her actions. Big shout outs to Brother Ryland, Brother Nick, Brother Brandon and of course Brother Naresh for making this night unforget/givable.

Sunday: Turkey times deluxe with the family, got high beforehand to ensure a proper quantity of food consumed. Glorious.

Tuesday: Brother Nick's Birthday.
Complete insanity, shared a bottle of our old friend Jimmy Beam, headed out, hit up the Forum for ESL Night. Meaning we were the only white dudes in there lol. Complete awesomeness, dancing like retards, big brogang-hugs on the dancefloor, grinding hard on any unsuspecting ESL girl to enter my range of vision, saw some latina bombshell giving me eyes, lifted her up, spun her around, then full on make-out times, biting groping etc, goddamn it got hot in there fast, but it was time for karaoke at Two Parrots and all my friends were leaving! Bros before hoes? I guess. :(

Turns out the wait on karaoke was long as fuck, I signed up for Only The Good Die Young, by Billy Joel but had neither the time nor the inclination to wait for over an hour. I asked some girl if she was into anal sex, she told me no.
At the Forum there was a dance-off going on between some black dudes, at some point James and I intruded upon the dance circle and started doing the funky chicken, the robot and other retarded dances as this one dude was trying to do some lame breakdance bullshit, he was pissed off but too much of a pussy to say anything so some black guy came up and told me that it was the other dude's turn to dance and I could go after haha. He actually thought I was competing in this faggotry. Outside I saw some girl and told her she was "cute enough to have my next abortion" that didn't go over too well. Saw some blonde bombshell told her "cum ear" and started hugging her she was reciprocating quite well until I grabbed her hand and put it on my dick, she was offended by my open display of romance. What a bitch.
I realized we were outside of the Commodore just as Die Antwoord was finishing up (fucking wish I went!!!) and realized Brother Moe was inside so I gave his fine ass a call. Indeed he was coming outside just at that moment, we got to have a brief encounter of bromantic bliss and parted ways.

Awesome weekend all in all, I know you other brothers have insane stories from this thanksgiving weekend as well so post em up!
peace and brove.

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