Thursday, November 11, 2010

Old spice commercials are not smart, funny or witty. Fuck Them.

Brothers. Sorry for the long reply. I apologize, for my mind was awry. Let me begin this post with a solemn silence for our fallen brethren who fought and defended our freedom on this day 92 years ago. Lest we forget ( 2 Minutes of silence before continuing to read this post please).

Alright, now that that's done I thought I would mention that I'm from Singapore. And I don't even know what my country did during World War 1. Either way it seems to have worked out in the end. I'll start this post with the weekend of Halloween. It was a fun filled weekend. Brother Mitch was here and we rolled up to a couple of house parties, got ridiculously hammered, and ate A LOT of Mcdoubles. You can't go wrong with the Mcdoubles, if you're trying to gain weight, save money, or all in all just craving food whilst drunk (Which happens everytime). Brother Mitch almost got into a fight his second night here and Edward Scissorhand wanted to beat up me up (A Fairy). I stood there laughed a little bit and then told him to punch me as hard as he could in the face while looking at him dead in the eye. He never did. We went to some retarded frat party where everyone looked like they were 4 years old. We left this party within seconds. On our walk home, I saw a Dragon. He came down and spoke to me and said that for the price of 2 gold he would fly me around Victoria, stop off at Mcdonalds so I could get myself some Mcdoubles, and then drop me off at home. I couldn't refuse for I have not seen a dragon in quite some time now. Leaving my friends behind I hopped on the dragons back as he flew me around on the most mystical journey of my life. I believe my dick was semi-erect this entire trip due to it's sheer awesomeness. Little did I know the dragon had suprises for me. A portal ripped open near Mt.Doug and we ventured into a completely different realm with mystical beings. The Dragon told me that this was his home and I could come visit him whenever I'd like and gave me a locket. For me to visit his realm I had to mutter the words "Dloj Quranti Makanari Sulomn Donogast". This was the most amazing night of my life. I remember when we made out pit stop at mcdonalds, the line was tremendously long. But Qirinjanriusanamankalaka (This was the name of the dragon) just took a deep breath and incinerated everyone in there except the cashiers and the cooks. This made my night even more enjoyable because instead of waiting 10 minutes in line I didin't have to wait at all cause the line was dead (Literally). I ordered 8 mcdoubles, a double big mac meal, a quarter pounder meal without the coke, and a couple of mcnuggets. I Then ordered a cow for Qirinjanriusanamankalaka. Oh i forgot to mention, Qirinjanriusanamankalaka can shrink in size whenever he pleases so we actually managed to find a table at the mcdonalds and eat our meal there before he dropped me off at home. The departure was sad but I knew that no matter what I could see Qirinjanriusanamankalaka in his realm whenever I pleased.

The weekend after this was The Bloody Beetroots. I don't think I have to share anything about that because I was with all of you. It was a brotherhood night and what a night it was. I have come to realize that the commodore is probably my favorite venue right now, apart from the gorge. I can't wait for another show like that again. It was good seeing all of you and I look forward to my december break when we can wreak chaos in our little town.

The other night my roomates and I got ridiculously wasted. Actually we ended up blacking out the night. We went to some party which was horrible. Everyone just looked like a bunch of drunk zombies sitting on couches doing nothing, so we decided to be the party itself. David started the dance floor started bringing some girls in, I showed off my awesome dance moves and we had a dance off. Scott and I played beer pong, but at this point it was more like "chug all your cups now cause you've already lost", which was practically what happened. The last thing I remember with this night was some girl telling me as we were about to leave "That it's rude to stare" and Newey responding with "It's Rude to be a Whore". After this the whole lot of us forgot the rest of the night. Honestly I can't go into details with what we awoke too in our house the next morning but we seriously don't know how it happened (Not a single one of us) which is kinda scary., but if you all really want to know I'll tell you in person.

Anyways, It is now my reading break so I'll be studying h-core as of today. Eventually. Oliver still continuing with my deadlifts, squats, gonna start power clean and jerk, most likely tomorrow. We'll see how disastrous that ends up being. I hope I don't puke.

Also you guys are fucking assholes.

Leave a goddamn post.

"Dloj Quranti Makanari Sulomn Donogast"
Brother Naresh


  1. I wish sex really was like flying on a dragon and eating mcdonalds.