Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Boy Who Slew The Dragon With The Girl Tatoo

The Dragons Treasure: But I wont be writing about that.

A funny thing happened during the few weeks between posts.

Our young hero...fell. (Lest We Forget).

Sure I could write how he vanquished the serpent and sent her moaning to her dragon's den or I could tell you the truth of it.
Paulson did slay the dragon, that is not a lie.

Though in turn, slaying the dragon addiction?
An obsession? A QUEST!

What quest was more noble than continually slaying a dragon for eternity?! I mean come on! Right?

And here is were the fancy version stops.

I fucked her, it was crazy. Insanity, I had no idea it could have been like that. Just relentless pounding all night long. The next day we both had bruises, bite marks, and sratches. Her room was an absolute disaster area.

Then we fucked again in the morning on an off till about lunch time. I had to catch a trotro back to my placement. It was chill, just kinda "If you come back, you do. If not, then thanks for your penis." That's what the atmosphere was like from her, pretty cool. Mine was like " Yea I'll come back, you fuck well. Thanks for your vagina." All in all pretty relaxed.

I came down the next weekend. I guess this could be the part where I "succumbed" to the dragons power, were the hero(it's me if you were to stupid to know) "fell".

Ive been going back and seeing her instead, don't know why. It just makes more sense. After ever pounding she gets less unattractive. That might be me justifying it or maybe she wasn't that ugly.

My whole judgemental world has gone topsy turvy.
I don't think I need help though, maybe this is a good thing.

Although, for those of you who know my standards on bush, this girl shaves. Because I can guarantee, if she didn't then there would be nothing to write about.

That's what it's like here in africa, sure I teach five classes a day, but the real story lies in the bed of the dragon. Also the british girl got really pissed off and all bitchy. Started bad talking the girl. Then I realised, the less attractive girl had way more personality and was more fun than the attractive british girl...hmm maybe there is something about personalities being better than looks...and fucking too, thats also key.

Anyways that was a post in my own voice, not the narrator.

Have a good one Brothers.

My next post won't be a story, something closer to journalism and poo.

-Deus Ex Machina


  1. Personality is just a word that was invented to justify when we sleep with unattractive people.

  2. I never thought paul fucking in africa would get me so hard.