Thursday, November 11, 2010

Herp Derp

Today is rainy and gloomy, but there is a golden light shining in my heart because I know there are brothers out there, broing down, all around the world.
I just got back from the airport, my mom left to Brazil for 2 weeks, I'm goddamn jealous as an egg.
Tuesday night, went downtown to the forum, danced like crazy, got slapped from some girl whose face I licked, but then she liked me afterwards because I showed her I didn't give a fuck about being slapped. Met some ultra-cute Japanese girl who I'll hopefully be meeting up with this weekend, I left her alone on the dance floor for all of one minute and came back to find 3 mexican dudes all encroaching upon her, slow and scared, there was no dominance from these faggots, so I simply shoved them all away and showed them I'm a beast, they peaced out then I made out with my girl, hero status I know. I then took the last bus home, met up with an old friend from Highschool and then stayed up until 7am blasting lines with him in the basement of his parents house whilst drinking wine and listening to youtube tunes. (And doing dramatic readings from a Kurt Vonnegut book).
Bloody Beetroots was pure madness as you all know, I don't even really know what went down that night but I know it was impossibly beautiful and unforgettable, I want to thank you all for making it perfect. After the original dose of drugs I ingested I also later bought 3 caps of E with a fake $50, classic prank.
Halloween was madness, on the Friday I had a girl buy me a ticket to the Nero and Skrillex show, which was goddamn epic and found my old highschool friend dressed up like an amazonian warrior, fucking beautiful. I was dressed up as some form of homo-erotic mountain man.
That photo was taken at the Saturday night Halloween party I attended, where basically every guy was dressed up gay/slutty as fuck. Epic night of brotastic proportions.

Anyway, I think we should make it mandatory to get all the bros together for nights similar to the Bloody Beetroots at LEAST once every 2 months, more if possible, they are just goddamn excellent.
P.S Naresh: Judging by this picture I think I need to lay off the squats for a bit...

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  1. I will second the bromantic outings becoming habit.