Wednesday, July 6, 2011

No se.

I am currently writing from a small convenience store in a town called Mazatlan. I´ve never heard of this place before, I ended up here because I was at a bus terminal (read: small shop with random dude and his son) and the name sounded cool so I forked over $60 USD, and was thrown on a 15 hour AC bus ride, they didnt even give me a ticket haha. Mexico is definitely a bit of a culture shock, I thought I could get by using basic broken English like I usually do in Asia but for some reason the vast majority of Mexicans I´ve spoken with speak no English whatsoever, my pathetic knowledge of Espanol (ty ms. Blacklaws) definitely surpasses the English vocabulary of most all Mexicans I´ve met.

I hitch hiked down to LA from San Luis Obispo with a really cool dude named Alex, we talked about all sorts of things from Family, America´s fast-food and meth-addictions to values to the actuality of our reality. Hitch hiking is really cool because I can just totally open up to these strangers and talk whatever´s on my mind with no worry of future embarrassment or possible judgements, because I will most likely never meet these people again. On the ride down a cop pulled us over for speeding (80mph in a 65) apparently in California highway patrol really cracks down because the state is near broke and they just want to pull in as much cash as possible. I chatted with the cop for a bit just like he was a normal dude, no sucking up or bitterness. I told Alex he´d give us a warning, Alex was doubtful because he´d never heard of anyone getting a warning for speeding ¨there´s too much money in speeding tickets¨. I still had high hopes though. The cop came back and told Alex he´d be getting off with a warning today. Afterwards Alex jokingly said to me ¨these are not the droids you´re looking for¨

After a train ride and a long bus I ended up in the general area my friend Sean, whom I met in Australia and traveled SE asia with, lived. I realized the address I had written down in my notebook was not an address at all, just a ZIP code but I knew his place was an apartment building and that it was across from a school. I asked a random lady if she recognized my vague description of his home. After some thought she realized that there were some apartments across from a Jr. High nearby. She seemed really worried about me and gave me a ride there, it would have been only like a 10 minute walk but I guess it`s cool to see people who care.

Kicked it with Sean for a few days, went on a badass hike, attended a couple bomb-ass barbeques and partied for a night in Huntington Beach, the patriotism during 4th of July weekend was really funny to me. Also tried some slacklining at Sean´s buddy Rob´s house. It´s really hard, I managed to do a backflip off it.

Grabbed a train down to San Diego then took the trolley to the border. Going into Mexico is a joke, all there is for security is a one-way revolving, metal gate. Tijuana was chaos, tons of cheap awesome places to eat and horrendous traffic. I grabbed a taco and hopped on a bus to the camionera central. Grabbed a 12 hour overnight bus to a town called Hermosillo and tried hitch hiking out of there. I had a feeling that it wasn´t going to happen and decided to grab the random bus to Mazatlan, glad I did because it seemed like there was absolutely nothing between Hermosillo and Mazatlan, that could have been a long and painful hitch-hike voyage. Right now I´m trying to find a chill traveler-oriented beach town on the southwest coast of Mexico, if anyone has any suggestions feel free to share.

Oh yeah, and people kept warning me to be careful in Mexico, contrary to all the bullshit warnings I´ve met nothing but helpful, patient and kind people here. Fuck yo fear, live with Love.

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  1. Dude, your travel stories are rad. I'm so glad I know someone who has balls enough to go hitch hiking without worry. Keep the posts coming man, and enjoy your journey.
    Much love, Brother Jason.