Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fresh Mangoz

So the other day we jumped a ditch and picked some fresh mangos from a tree. The difference between those and store-bought is huge! Like a new fruit, prime for mango guac. Or as they called it here guacamole canadience! Probably the bombest way to fill your gut ever invented.
I watched the movie "Precious" today.
Probably one of the darker comedies I've seen, I was actually surprised how well it did considering the dark sense of humor usually found in cult classics. Martin Lawrence did an amazing job though and I was really impressed by the special effects.

After the boat trip I was red as a lobster and just as I got off the boat I asked the first dude I see "Hey do you know where to find some aloe vera?" and he did, it took him like 2 minutes, it had some red ribbons on it so I paid him $10.
I'm really glad I got that aloe vera because I decided to sunbathe in the nude at the beachfront. I think this is the worse burn I've ever had, but for some reason my dick didn't get burned at all. I've learned that the penis is very resistant to sun, I'm guessing that as caveman one of our primary purposes on a daily basis was to reproduce and a hindrance like sunburndick could greatly hinder this process. So my thighs and hip area are beet-red and scabbing now but the aloe' is helping loads. Also the cleaning lady came into the room as I was lying in bed with a fan blowing on my nude midsection. I was also given a lot of weed for free.

So my days have consisted of just chilling by the beach, smoking joints, watching epic lightning storms (apparently this place gets some of the best in the world) and eating good food.

Pretty glad I quit my landscaping job right now.

Apparently there's also a ghost in this house.

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