Sunday, July 10, 2011

Get the fuck up, this boat is real.

If you are not part of right now, you should re-evaluate the way you've been living. The website is basically like facebook except the people on it either have their couches available for "surfers" or are "surfing" themselves. There's no payment, just people doing good deeds for others. I've met some of the coolest people I've ever known in my life through couchsurfing and it's basically a guarantee that they'll be empathetic, cool, sociable, trust-worthy just because of the fact that they open themselves up to strangers. I've noticed the type of people who are involved in couchsurfing are very similar to the ones involved in picking up hitch hikers and being good in general.
I totally neglected couchsurfing for the first segment of this trip and I'm very happy that I remembered it. Mexico was cool when I was on my own but it definitely got frustrating not being able to communicate with anyone and not really making any solid friends. Couchsurfing makes traveling so easy because you're immediately introduced to all the local secrets and tricks to manage in a new environment, not just tour-guide bullshit but cool stuff like good bars, where to get drugs, secret beaches etc.

Yesterday was spent on a sailboat in the Mexican pacific, completely awesome day, basically what you'd expect from a day on a boat. Flips and shit off the boat, swimming, chilling on deck, booze, weed, good music, good people. I'm still blown away by how many awesome people I've been meeting on a daily basis.
Today I went surfing for the first time in ages, I think I'm hooked now, definitely going to try to find a surf town in Nicaragua or Panama or El Salvador or something and just get a board.

I've been making mango guacamole for pretty much everyone who has let me live with them so far. It's blowing minds.

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