Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More Mexican Confusion!

So today I hit up to try and find some people to meet up with in Puerto Vallarta. Luckily an awesome girl named Abi messaged me back almost immediately with a place to stay in a town just north of Puerto Vallarta. So with my limited Spanish I set off to try and find a small fishing town called La Cruz. After getting about 5 random people together to try and understand what I was trying to say they finally settled on me catching a bus to a larger bus stop and taking one of the AC busses from there. It was the wrong station, after much more confusing broken-conversation I was directed to another bus stop. When I got there I was told the bus to La Cruz was leaving immediately so I just paid the 6 bucks and got on. I was kind of confused by the price and by the fact that they had a bus running to such a small town. Turns out there are multiple La Cruz´s in Mexico and I was headed back North. Not such a bad thing, chilled out in a park for a bit during siesta, watched a funeral procession and ate some bomb Guacamole, back in Mazatlan for the night and I think my awesome hombre Marco (from CS, stayed with him in Calgary) has hooked me up with a place to stay, just waiting for her to call me back. On the bright side, the sun is doing that thing where as it sets it shoots rays of light through the clouds, over the ocean and some distance islands mountains. Life is truly a gift, dont forget it yo!

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