Friday, July 8, 2011

La Cruz

So I didn't end up meeting up with Marco's friend, but I found some cool dude running a little burger stand who sold me some really bad weed, well not too bad but you have to dome a J if you want to get high. But it was $3 for a 1/4 so I can't complain. So I roamed the quiet streets of Mazatlan and got high off of Mexican weed. I saw a man with his face painted as a clown engaged in a serious conversation with a girl, I've never seen a clown look so somber, I couldn't help but laugh. The next day I had a course planned out on how I was going to get to La Cruz and everything worked perfectly and I no longer fear death for I have experienced far worse than anything possible; Big Momma's house en Espanol. No one should be subjected to such a heinous form of torture. After a couple smooth tranfers I ended up in a town called Bucerias and used some dude's cell phone. People have been so helpful in Mexico, whenever I ask for help they really always try their best to understand what I'm trying to convey in my broken spanish and if they do succeed in helping me they let me know how appreciative they are to have the chance to help me out, this is how it should be!
So I got picked up by my new awesome amiga, Abi and we cruised to hit the clubs in Puerto Vallarta for her cousin's 22nd Birthday. The clubs were pretty much like clubs everywhere, loud, bad music, drunk people and the rest of the nonsense. It was fun though, I danced like a madman just for the hell of it then spent the day today lazing by the pool, playing in the surf with Abi's dog and eating fruit. Abi's house is literally located right on the beach, it's really gorgeous here. I'm missing all my friends back home but meeting new ones on the road is just as fun!
Remember, helping others feels just as good, if not better than receiving help from others, it's just a really awesome cycle of positivity. Doing things like hitch-hiking, couchsurfing and just traveling in general really makes it obvious.

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